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Decorative Stones Wall

Our supplier, logoimpexstone , offers three kinds of decorative stone in more than eight colors. Furthermore, most of their stone can be installed inside as much as outside. All their products offer matching corners.

Désert de Sable

Natural Stones Wall

Our supplier, logoimpexstone , offers three models of natural stone and that in many colors.

Irregular natural stones are available in nine colors: Cavern, Rock, White Snow, Tornado, Volcano, Savanna, Méditerranean, Demand 4 et Black Quartzite.

These natural stones are cut in staircase format which allow an excellent visual display, without visible joints, as well as a better distribution of the weight.


Our supplier, logoimpexstone , offers a briquette model that is available in six colors. These briquettes are installed inside only. For an impeccable finish these briquettes have matching corners.

For more information on our products and services, please see one of our in store consultant.