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Vinyl Floor Rolls

With the years, Vinyl got a Facelift! Now we find a lot of different models and textures that offer High Definition appearances. Easy to clean and to care for, vinyl is an obvious choice!

  • Durability
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Inspired and refined patterns
  • Great warranties
  • Classic & fashionable
  • Quiet
  • Remarkable quality-price


With more than 80 rolls in stock, you will find what you are looking for without a doubt. If only you want something more unique, we also possess a lot of product samples on special order.

Vinyl Planks

For a long time, Vinyl planks had the reputation to be use only in commercial spaces. Yet, they are more and more fashionable. Color, style and texture choices are not the only advantages that make contemporary vinyl the best choice for the ones with active lifestyle. Unlike ceramic or other hard surface flooring, vinyl stays warm and comfortable under your feet and does not require any sealer or heavy maintenance. It is high-performance flooring!



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