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How to clean your different floorings?

There’s a lot of maintenance products on the market today, so it’s very difficult to find what we are looking for… to many questions not enough answers! It’s the reason why your Flooring Store Staff are the best qualified to help you make a choice. Today, our team has decided to help a little by giving you their best advices.

Ceramic tile Maintenance

Dust the tiles with clean non-oily dust mop of size to suit floor area. Remove dust particles from mop frequently by vacuum. Remove any wet spillage immediately by damp mopping. Then, damp mop the entire floor surface using a neutral (ph-7) detergent then rinse.

Natural Stone Maintenance

Marble is available in the following finishes; polished, honed, sand blasted and tumbled. Marble flooring is very sensitive to acids and alkaline and can be stained if spills are not wiped up immediately. If Marble flooring is installed in an area where staining liquids are liable to cause problems, the flooring should be sealed and a finish applied. Please contact us for further information.

Vinyl Plank Maintenance

Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove the dirt and grit that could scratch your new floors. Wipe up all spills promptly and thoroughly with a damp cloth or mop. Wash your floor with a suitable mild detergent. Plain water or vinegar is not recommended to remove grease or dirt build-up. Mats and rugs – no backed mats are helpful in removing harmful grit at entryways and prolong the life of your floor.

Resilient Flooring Maintenance

On all commercial flooring products, you must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

Laminate Maintenance

Vacuuming, sweeping and an occasional damp cloth are usually all you need to keep your floor clean. For heavier cleaning, use a non-abrasive household cleaner diluted in water or a cleaner specially formulated for varnished hardwood floors. Simply use a light damp cloth and avoid excessive water on the floor.

Regular Carpet Maintenance

Regular carpet maintenance can enhance your indoor air quality and prevent your carpet’s appearance from deteriorating prematurely. Vacuum and spot clean your carpet daily. Implement a preventive maintenance program. Use hot water extraction to restore heavily soiled carpet.

For Hardwood and Laminated Floors Maintenance

There are a lot of popular beliefs concerning hardwood floors. With the following tricks for the maintenance of your floor, we try to demystify a couple of them.


Do not use vinegar on your hardwood floors. Cleaning methods used by consumers reduce the life of wood floors. In fact, many people clean their wood floors with water and vinegar. These elements prematurely alter the luster of the finish and cause the appearance of black stains on the planks because water can infiltrate planks and blacken the wood. Vinegar is an oxidant and alters the varnish. The only way to remedy these alterations is to sand the floor and varnish it again.


Never use a soaking mop to wash a wood floor. In any case, never use water because water deteriorates the wood and the finish. Wood expands when it absorbs water. An excessive amount of water can infiltrate planks and scratches causing the finish to deteriorate thus provoking discolouration of the planks.

Sand and Dust

Sweeping the floor and vacuuming regularly avoids the accumulation of abrasive sand or dust that scratches the finished surface.

Wax and All Purpose cleaners

Never use wax, oil-based soaps and other oily, all-purpose cleaning products. The all-purpose cleaners on the market contain detergent and leave an oily or soapy film on the floor. This gives dirt a grip. What’s more, when sanding becomes necessary, this accumulated coating of residue makes the sanding operation more difficult.

How to give back shine and beauty to my Hardwood or Parquet Floors?

Due to traffic, it is normal for hardwood or parquet to wear overtime. To remedy the situation, you can simply apply a hardwood floor refinisher to rejuvenate your floor without sanding.

Your Hardwood Floors have a greyish look?

When the floor becomes black or grey, it means there is no more finish on these specific areas, and the wood is no longer protected. In this case, you need to completely sand to remove all black or grey spots and then apply a finish.

What is the best way to maintain my floor beautiful for a long time?

Hardwood floors maintenance should be done on a regular basis. First, it is very important to vacuum or sweep the floor in order to remove anything that could scratch the floor. Then clean with a Hardwood or Laminate cleaner.

Multi Purpose Cleaner

It’s ideal for a routine cleaning and maintenance of all surfaces. It will not damage materials, sealers and finishes. Please see label for instructions of how to use. No rinsing required.

Suggestion: Cleaner N-300 from logosaniten


Grout and Ceramic Tile Cleaner

It’s non-corrosive acid cleaner. Deep cleans cement grout joints, ceramic and porcelain. It’s ideal for bathrooms, showers, toilets and kitchen maintenance. It removes calcareous deposits, mildew and superficial rust. Restores grout color. It may also be used to remove light cement grout haze after grouting. See label for instructions of how to use.

Suggestion: Cleanner N-305 from logosaniten


Remove Cement Grout residue after grouting

Cement grout residue remover. Apply without diluting on tiles with a damp sponge. Let work 2 to 5 minutes and scrub with a nylon brush or a scuff pad, rinse with clear water and remove.

Suggestion: Cleaner PR-1000 from logosaniten



In presence of a natural stone, always test on a small surface to assure suitability. Do not use on marble or calcareous stone. It may tarnish chrome.

Cement Grout Sealer

It is important to put a sealer on your joints. It will bring you a better protection against stains. It doesn’t change grout color. Water based thermoplastic formula which provides both deep and topical long lasting protection. Apply 1 or 2 coats and spread with a small paint brush. Allow sealer to dry completely between coats. Apply at least one week after grouting.

Suggestion: Sealer  S-100 from logosaniten


All of these products are available in store or on special order.

For further information on our products and services, don’t hesitate to visit us in store or even to contact us.