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Floor Heating

We offer a floor heating systems for your comfort!

The floor heating system is made to provide you with a soft and surrounding heat. Like the different elements in the environment that absorb solar energy to spread it around: things, walls and people are surrounded by the heat that emanates from the floor and is distributed in the room. The heating sources are multiplied unlike other traditional localized heating systems.

exampleflexthermthermoflexthermThe heat goes through heated to unheated surfaces to obtain a certain balance and limiting the difference in temperature. The energy generated by our radiant systems is spread in the air without heating the air itself.  The energy is transformed in heat only when it comes in contact with a cold surface. The temperatures of the environment and of the surface of the skin thus aim towards the same point, to limit loss of human heat. The room thus seems warmer even if, in reality, the air is still cool and pleasant.

Our floor heating system can be installed anywhere!

More than being quiet, each system is connected to a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature in each room separately and then ensure the welfare of each occupant.  To be noted, it does not dry up the air and does not allow dust and germ movements either.

The air you inhale is always healthy.

The measurements precision is the key to an installation well done. It is essential to be precise in calculating the cable length because it cannot be cut or cross and even its spacing cannot be modified during the installation.

Here is how to duly calculate the quantity of cable needed

• Prepare a scale plan of the room and calculate the total surface;

• Subtract from this total all the surfaces that won’t be heated (surfaces underneath fixed elements: bath, toilet, vanity, kitchen island, etc.);

• Plan a buffer zone (not necessary to be heated) where we can install exceeding cable:

• Choose the appropriate cable to cover the net surface to be heated. If not available in the chosen range, always choose the nearest inferior length.

You need our help?

Simply bring a « homemade » plan with the measurements and we will make the calculation for you with pleasure.

Come and see us in store so that we can discuss the different options that can be offered to you and will allow us to calculate an estimate according to your needs.

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