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How to keep your Hardwood Floors intact?

Staff at Tapis Guy Laberge, we have your happiness at heart.

That’s the reason why we have prepared a practical Advise Guide for your Hardwood floors.

How to minimize scratches on your Hardwood Flooring?

To make sure you don’t scratch your brand new hardwood floors, change some of your bad habits. Usually slide heavy furniture using a piece of upside down carpet or specially designed glides (felt pads). For furniture on wheels, use a wide rubber wheel designed for hard surfaces. Ideally when you come home, leave your heels at the door and keep the claws of your pets well trimmed.

How to remove Fatty and oily substances from your floors?

Whether it is crayon marks or sole marks, it’s easy, spray a hardwood floor cleaner on a cloth and wipe the area clean. Repeat until the stain is removed.

What do we do with chewing gum, candle wax or even wax pencil?

Use an ice pack or ice cubes in a plastic bag to cool the substance. It will harden or crumble. Pick up the residues with a cloth or a broom. Clean the area with a hardwood floor cleaner.

You’ve got surface burns and scratches?

Clean the damaged area. Fill the cavity with the touch-up marker or the wax stick available at our store. Sand gently and apply a coat of finish with the same luster.

You’ve got an Intense light problems?

Intense light such as the direct sun will eventually discolor most materials, including wood, even if it’s been made to resist.  Paler the wood, the more apparent the discoloration will be. You can always move rugs and furniture from time to time to change the sections of the floors exposed to intense light and it will change your decor at the same time.

We do hope this will help you keep your beautiful hardwood floors intact longer and also your smile!