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Fabric & Custom-made House Linens

Fabric gives character to many rooms in a home.

Now we have in store a large choice of fabric samples allowing you to have the decor of your dreams! Our decorators are available to help you from choosing to preparation. Some of our fabric suppliers also offer to do the preparation themselves that gives you many possibilities at hyper-interesting prices!!

Inspire yourself!

MAFALDA 1049  OPACHE 1004  ORNA 1041


logova  logosaletex


Drapery, Bedding, Pillow… the only limit is our imagination because there’s a lot of options when it comes down to fabrics!

Bistrot-lit  GLOBE_MER--lit

Monsieur-lit  Vitality-lit


Draperies and Beddings from logo Patlin



Draperies and Beddings from logova

To make an apppointment with a decorator, contact us or even fill our Online Form now: