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Ceramic has been use for centuries. Ceramic offers a durable beauty, a great resistance and its easy maintenance. Lots of floor ceramic tiles also offers matching wall tiles as well. By coordinating wall tiles to decorative borders or even ceramic or glass mosaics, a simple room can be transform into a personalized and unique environment.



Ceramic or Porcelain?

Both of them are popular. Their principal difference: because the porcelain has a longer cooking time at a higher temperature than the ceramic, it makes it much more resistant. So when purchasing tiles, you need to verify the grade that will indicate the wear resistance. Grade 1: wall installation only; Grades 2 and 3: Low to moderate flow; Grades 4 and 5: Intense flow.


Porcelain offers endless decor possibilities. Porcelain is a molded biscuit that has a very low water absorption rate. Porcelain tiles absorb their color and texture from raw materials or they can be tinted with oxide spread into the biscuit. Also, the tiles can be enamelled or not. Porcelain, by its robustness, is ideal for exterior or commercial installations.



Natural Stones

Here in store, we have the biggest choice in the region, at unbeatable prices. However, if you’re looking for something unique, we also have a lot of tile samples available on order.

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