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Ceramic Mosaics

Available in all sorts of forms and materials, mosaic is mostly used to personalize a room in your house and to enhance your ceramic.  You can find it in some material like metal, ceramic, stoneware, natural stone, etc. No matter the mosaic model chosen, when harmonized well it will always stay decorative and fashionable.

It will brighten up any decor without too much effort!

DT_Caprice_RES_01   DT_CoastalKeystones_COM_01


Glass Mosaics

As its name says, it is made from glass, polished, frosted or even both. It will be presented in sheets of 12″ X 12″ and often enough accompanied of natural stone. Stylish, delicate and colored, the glass paste reflects the light and offers a nice focal point in whichever room of the house. To give it more punch, do not hesitate to mix it with porcelain or ceramic.

Photo features Pacific Blend 3/4 x random linear mosaic on vanity wall.   DT_Soiree_RES_01



For more information on our products and services come visit our showroom, the biggest in the region. Furthermore, to help you, we offer on site the service of decorators and at any time.

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