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Flooring is rapidly becoming a major focal point in interior design and carpeting is making a comeback!  It isn’t surprising considering its inherent qualities and its price, besides the fact that it has the way to add color and texture to any room.

We offer you a vast model range of carpet in a variety of patterns and colors. Our product range includes Cut Pile, Cut and Loop, Level Cut Loop, Frieze Cut, Texture Graphic Loop, Tip Sheared Scroll, Textured Loop Berber, Texture Cut carpeting, etc.


Cared to answer to every client particular needs when it comes to their private spaces and their work spaces, we offer products in every price ranges and efficiency levels.

  • Commercial carpeting
  • Stair Case carpeting
  • Exterior carpeting (Lawn Style carpeting)
  • Boat carpeting
  • Car carpeting
  • Etc…

Carpet Tiles

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Tapis Guy Laberge inc. strength, it is without a doubt its incredible in store inventory, with prices always defying competition. We also have enormous catalogue choices that will please you for sure.

Furthermore, we always offer good warranties on carpeting. Get informed near one of our Sales Representative today.

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